Chattanooga A + B

In this development and construction project, we built two individual, side-by-side townhouses with Zack de Vito. A dividing wall, angled subtly, from front to back separates the two 2,400 sq. ft. units, both featuring an open dramatic central stair for a flood of light within. The dynamic plan and section create lively, clearly organized and rational spaces and an upsloping lot allows for the terraced rear yard to be accessed by each level.

Completed: 2004

Architecture: Zack de Vito Architecture

Landscape design: Zack de Vito and Randy Thueme Design

Photography: ©Massamiliano Bolzonella


  • 2007 Builder Magazine Builder’s Choice Design and Planning Award Grand Prize
  • 2005 Residential Architect Merit Award
  • 2004 Participant SFAIA Annual Home Tours